Thursday, March 05, 2009


Two recent reasons why I will keep Bubby around:

I mentioned yesterday how much I hated the looks of my hair. Bubby replied, "I like it. It looks very European."
This morning Bubby said, "Your butt feels so much firmer than it used to be."

And really, even if both of his comments are big, fat lies.......I totally am up for some ego stroking.


Jennboree said...

I call those "love lies"

Totally acceptable and appreciated by my own husband.

Jodi said...

Ok, time to get that picture off your blog. NO ONE looks like that do they? Has to be a retouched photo. Only serves to remind me that I WISH I looked like that but instead I have chicken legs, a flat butt, and no boobs. Even at that, my husband tells me "love lies" too. Aren't they sweet!

Candice said...

Kind of like when Brent used to tell me that I didn't look fat, when I in fact looked like an orca whale.

Of course I was pregnant at the time, so it was to be expected, but still!