Thursday, April 14, 2011

Put a Bird on it!

Working in Etsy Land all day can be challenging sometimes. How much of cute and fabulous and beautiful handmade items can you work with on a daily basis?

I stumbled upon this from another Etsy seller and almost peed my pants.....


Thursday, November 04, 2010


This is what happens when you said that the children could have a piece of candy an hour before dinner, then forgot and reminded by said children at dinner time...........

That is not pepperoni my friends. That is cherry sour candies.

Monday, November 01, 2010


If you have never gotten naughty with a Priest....I highly suggest it.What to do you think? Lady Gaga or Lady Grandma?

Thursday, October 28, 2010


It's so nice when someone likes your product enough to contact you and put your stuff in a curated-only website. That's what the people did over at A lovely "Giving Thanks" theme. I certainly am grateful for their kindness. Let me know what you think.....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My dog Sunny is your typical Chihuahua. She's bitchy and anti-social. She hates you unless you have food or lots of loves for her. Sunny wants to be carried everywhere and shakes all the time. Sunny wants nothing more than to bite anyone who comes through our door.

So the other day I found it amusing that she is so fat that she's starting to get a "double neck". Check her out!

So as I was clicking the camera and laughing at her.....guess what she did?

Well "Nanny-Nanny Boo-Boo" to you too!

Thursday, April 08, 2010


Teachers that expect huge-ass projects to be done by kids and in turn ends up being a "Parent Project."
Look at that thrilled face.

Believe me. I'm all for being involved in my kids projects and helping out here and there. Need help with sentence structure? No problem. Need some felt to glue to your art board? You bet. Need to rent a video about World War II history. Done.
This project is called "Living Museum." It really is a neat project. Um.....if you are 15 years old (not 10). Kids are expected to study a person in history IN DEPTH and learn everything about them, write, type and memorize a five minute speech as if they were that person. Then they are to dress up like this person and have props and boards and posters and plants and framed pictures and....and....and.....They work on it for months.
Then the kids (PARENTS) set up this monstrosity in the gym and students and parents peruse throughout the day and listen to the speeches.

Leroy cried for 2 days before his presentation. His stomach hurt and he was absolutely miserable poor little guy. Not to mention OUR stress as parents.

It's over now.....

Until Izzy hits 5th grade. I may have him start it now. First grade's not too soon to start is it?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


GAK! I've been so busy making soap lately that I haven't been keeping up on my blogs. Damn if I didn't even notice when my dear blogger friend Candice over at Life According To Candice wrote a sweet little post about my soap. She said it didn't even smell like ass! Isn't that great everyone?
So please, go check this lovely Texan beauty queen out. She's got brains, humor, looks and a mouth like a sailor! And if you remember, I did win a strap-on from her blog giveaway. What can be better than that?

In other news.......

My Mother (MeMa) informed me that she doesn't care for my blog lately. First she complained about the Creepy Guy picture who is still stalking me by the way , and now she has informed me that she really doesn't want to read about "lady issues."

Apparently I need rainbows and unicorns shooting out my ass to make the MeMa happy. MeMa has informed me that she likes little stories about the family and kids.

So I leave you with two pictures of Izzy. The first one is of him admiring his new throwing star.
Next is of Izzy later on in the day taking a break from shooting his air-soft gun. He's all boy you know.....except for his shoes.

He loves those shoes.