Monday, January 22, 2007


On any given day, this is how Izzy is dressed.The child doesn't have any feminine traits. He walks like a boy. He wears camouflage and skulls. He does karate moves and likes loud and obnoxious things like cars and video games.
And yet, people can't get past the "hair thing."
Today was the first time in four sessions that his gymnastics teacher realized that Izzy was a boy and stopped calling him "she" or "sweetie".
Bubby says, "Do people really think that we dress our little girl like a bull-dike?
Cmon people! Get over the hair.


Jennboree said...

My husband thinks Izzy is cool. His name. His hair. His 'tude.

As do I. Though I can only imagine he keeps people guessing! He does have a very pretty face, that's probably what it is.

Is "Izzy" short for anything or is that just his cool name?

I'm Just a Girl said...

I am embarrassed to admit the first few times I read your blog, I too was confused about that!!! I kept thinking to myself, "He looks like a boy, dresses like a boy, and from all accounts on this blog, ACTS like a boy!"

I'm happy to admit that I have gotten past the "hair thing" and have moved upward in my acceptance of hairstyles! LOL

tallulah said...

Jenn-All of our kids names have been changed to protect their identity. However, Izzy was ALMOST his birth name. It was going to be Israel and we would call him Izzy for short. But at the last minute, because of the middle east hoo-ha, we decided on another equally cool name. Unfortunately, this name is not gender-specific so people end up being even be more confused!

Jennboree said...

OH> ha! I'm a tard. Well his fake name is cool, I'm sure his real name is too! :)

soozieq said...

Aside from the hair, he does have really pretty eyes...I think sometimes people like to assume that girls have pretty eyes (but we all know damn well that boys seem to get the SUPER LONG EYELASHES) <--- sorry about my mini-rant but I'd *kill* for my husband's eyelashes ;-)

I had to laugh at Bubby's comment though!

T-girl said...

Aw, that is sad I like the name Izzy/Isreal for a boy. Well I was not sure to be honest BUT my reasons were not about the hair. My reasons is that you do not use gender terms as much as some so until recently when you said "he" I had no clue! I try not to make assumptions on childrens sex because of antics, names ect. First of all, children are not responsible for their parents naming but also, it pisses me off to no end that people do this whole, "oh you are a girl here is a doll" thing to my daughter. I ran into this at Chirstmas time, "T what would Baby J like for Christmas?" Me: "Well she is really into cars, trains, things that move right now!" Not only that I would explain that unlike me she is vert mechanically inclined like her Papa, she likes to figure out how things work ect. I am not joking, I actually had someone say to me, "WHAT? She is a girl, she needs girly stuff. I was thinking of a little kitchen!" WHAT? I kept my mouth buttoned except to say, "yes she needs items such as that for pretending but right now she is into cars and such. So if you want a gift she will enjoy now and not at some point down the road mechanical learning type toys are what she is into!" GOD, I wanted to wack her! Sorry, I ranted huh? It just annoys me, I don't want my daughter to deny her self as a female but if she enjoys cars why should I stop her from playing with them just because they are precieved as "male!" Personally I think this is very detrimental in the long run! So, that being said, as long as you tell me she/he is this sex or another I go, "ok" but don't really care, I just think of kids as kids. Some boys are more sensitive, while some girls are more "boyish!" What does it matter as long as they are healthy, happy and loved unconditionally?

The Analyzer said...

You know that Bow, who has run around with him naked, still refers to him as a she. It goes to show that those with hair issues have them deeply, deeply ingrained!!!

Jennboree said...

My brother got Bella a dump truck last year. I love him even more for it.