Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I may just stop watching Oprah all-together.

After last weeks interview with Sean Hornbeck and family, I lost nearly all respect for Oprah Winfrey.

What were she, her producers, and Sean's parents thinking?


Exploiting a child who has potentially been exploited, humiliated, tortured and terrified over the past four years?

Shame on them.


Jennboree said...

I so agree! I was appalled that she would stoop so low. The parents are either not thinking straight or have decided to get sucked into the media limelight for their 15 minutes with no regard to their son. And then claiming he'd been sexually assaulted while admitting the boy never said that?!!


mistressofchange said...

I couldn't agree more. Even though I missed the episode, I heard every last detail about it from numerous people. I have never been one of Oprah's biggest fans, but she always seemed to care a great deal for children, which is why it surprised me that she would stoop to this level and allow the interview to happen. Even if it was the parents' idea, she should have had the good sense to say no.

T-girl said...

I just heard about this. Frankly I am discusted at the thought. Not just at Oprah for the doing of it but also for society for the wanting of it. Let's face it, yes we all are curious BUT... is it truly necissary. My curiosity is NOTHING but a terriable affliction compaired to what this young man has gone through so it needs to be put aside. We live in a society though that seems to think not only that they want the info BUT they are INTITLED to it! Sad really.

Oh and I gave up on Oprah a LOOOONG time ago. I find her a bit too touchy feely and well, to be honest I don't think she cares that much, I think she is an astute business woman who knows what sells and has invaded the phsycy of one to many house wives telling them they are not happy so they will watch her show. She just kind of rubs me wrong. The final straw for me was the whole Louis Vitton fiasco. I went "ha! SEE, told you!" LOL

I'm Just a Girl said...

I watched the show and admit I was sucked into it. But I'm not sure Oprah is 100% to blame. (She really annoys me most times, just to clarify. I think she's very self-centered and a borderline racist, but that's a whole other topic). The parents of this child chose to go on national TV and bring the focus onto themselves. I really think they are more to blame than anyone else. The parents of the second boy who had been missing for four days were also on, but THEY changed their minds and chose to let him stay backstage and out of the spotlight. I think they are to be commended for that.

Sure we all have a weird curiosity about these things, especially having children we want to know what happened because it might help us to keep our own kids safer. I think that while Oprah likely did it for ratings and to say "she got the interview" I think ultimately the parents had the final say. Why they did it we will never know but I hope it was worth it for them, and their son.