Thursday, January 18, 2007


I have vivid dreams.
About a month ago, I had a dream that Izzy and I were going to an Open House. This house was a three story brick house that was probably built in the 70's. It had a walk-out basement on a hill. Somebody famous lived there (who? I can't remember). Anyway, the owners had left the home and Izzy and I dropped by to look at the house.
I remember it being nice, but nothing spectacular.

Izzy and I walked down the stairs to the basement. When I opened one of the doors, there was a teenage boy still sleeping in his bed.
In my dream I remember saying, "Oh! I'm so sorry. It's an Open House today. Your parents must have forgotten you!"
The rest of the dream was pretty uneventful.

Fast forward to yesterday..................

Izzy was sitting on my lap and started laughing. I said, "What's so funny?"
Izzy replied, "Remember when we went to that Open House and in the basement there was a boy sleeping in his bedroom? That. Was. So. Funny!"

I couldn't speak. I just sat there trying to recall if I had mentioned anything about this dream.

I mentioned it to Bubby this morning. His Atheist butt doesn't believe in anything Cosmic or oogely-boogely. His response, "hmmm...strange."

I'm telling you people. This has given me a bad case of the weebie-jeebies. Andy truly, if I have a astrotraveling-white light-psychic-past lives connection to this face, well that's just down-right scary.

So tell me.....cosmic connection or coincidence?


Jennboree said...

I just don't see how it could be a coincidence. He either had to overhear you talk about the dream or it is something supernatural. That is so creepy/cool/incredible!

I certainly have no explanation! Wow...I'll be thinking about this all day.

T-girl said...

THAT is crazy! I believe in stuff like that. How odd you blogged this btw- i was just about to blog about what happened to me tonight! I was getting ready to go to the store, and all of a sudden as I was about to walk out the door, this intense feeling came over me, like a panic attack. The thought went through my head, "don't go you will die!" WTF? So I sat down and talked myself calm telling myself that was a crazy thought, why would I even think that, it is safe, all will be well. Fast forward 20 mintues later... I am driving to the store, at the top of the mountian pass I have to go through to get there... MAJOR WRECK! Two cars hit head on and a semi hit the two cars... very ugly. When did it happen... when I would have been driving through there!!!!!

Sounds like you have a special connection with your child, child of your soul if you will! That is great!

BTW- I do the dream thing all the time. There was a study recently that was published in the NEMed Journal that said the whole deja vu therory is real, they proved it is NOT your brain recycling back or what not. Food for thought! I personally believe there is more to this world then we know.

Jennboree said...

See? I did think of it all day. And at 3am along with all the other random thoughts I had going.

tallulah said...

Jenn-I'm glad I could be in someone's random thoughts at 3am. It does seem to be the witching hour now doesn't it?
I know I didn't mention the dream to anyone. It's way too weird. The hairs are standing up on the back of my neck as I type.

t-girl-That is scary. I'm glad you had the sense of mind to listen to your gut feeling. You are an example to me. I need to sit with my thoughts sometimes and quiet my mind more often.
And did I catch that right? You have to drive through a mountain pass to get to a grocery store? Gee whiz!

T's said...

LMAO... Jen, I am not sure I would laugh about that. Life gives me enough to think on let alone someone elses things to think through at 3 am! LOL

Tullulah- Yeah, well, I learned my lesson for not listining to the gut a long time ago. LOL Sometimes though it seems "odd" like last night, I thought it was just because the weather had been off lately and I was being silly. It just freaked me out when I realised the timing. Oh and we live in the coastal mountians of Oregon so... yeah! We have a Safeway here in town but they are SMALL and WAY over priced so I use them for day to day to get through but I was into the whole, "we have no food I MUST go into town before we starve to death" mode! LOL

mistressofchange said...

Ok, just HAD to comment because I have long believed in cosmic connections and what-not. Feelings, shared dreams, people we meet that to who we feel strong connections, and, yes, even unfounded fears--I think they all fall in some category that is not so much scary as just so incredibly hard to explain. But very real nonetheless. Did you ever pursue the matter with your son? Did his dream contain anything else? What does HE think? Way too interesting.

I'm Just a Girl said...


That is cosmic, I don't believe that could be a coincidence. Sometimes it makes it more interesting to really never find out the "why" in these types of situations. Although I would be curious to know why the two of you would connect on what appeared to be such a random, pointless dream!

***enter Twilight Zone theme song**