Thursday, July 09, 2009


I get kind of obsessed when I see something in a magazine that I love. Okay, I can't have least not yet.....but I'm working on it.
Actor Stephen Moyer(Bill Compton) from "True Blood".

About three months ago, I saw a picture in a magazine of this woman: She kicks ass! Her name is Iris Barrel Apfel. Apparently she is this style icon and jewelry/clothing designer.

If I am still alive at 86 and don't resemble her.....shoot me. I want to be as cool and a sophisticated mama like Iris. I read this interview with her and the person giving the interview was commenting on these beautiful chunky necklaces she was wearing and asked Iris where she got them. Iris said she was in some third world country and saw them dangling off the sheep's and goats necks and just had to have them! Now THAT'S my kind of woman!

Now you may ask....what could you possibly want of Ms. Apfel's?

Well her glasses of course! And damn if I didn't spend two and 1/2 months tracking them down. I called New York several times and finally got the name of the company in Denver that makes the glasses for Liz Claiborne and for Iris.

After contacting the company, our conversation kind of went like this:

Me: "Hi! I'm trying to track down a pair of glasses. nearly screaming I HAVE TO HAVE THEM!"

Operator: "Well do you have a style number."

Me: "No. They are Iris Barrel Apfel's glasses!"

Operator: "Ooooohhhh! I know which ones you are talking about."

Me: "Oh God! Are they sold out? Damn! I really want a pair."

Operator: "'am, they aren't sold out. We don't even make them in mass production."

Me: "What? Aren't they very popular?

Operator: long pause......."No. They are not very popular. We are using them as a test market though. I can send you a pair."

Me: "YOU CAN? REALLY? That's great! How much are they?

Operator: "Because we are using them as a test market, I can send them to you for free."


Operator: laughing hysterically "Yes ma'am. They come as sunglasses so if you would like a different frame in them, you will have to go to the Optometrist and get a clear frame put in. What's your address and I will overnight them to you."

I'll be damned! The next day they arrived complete with a little satchel to carry them in. These things are so sweet and potentially orgasmic, that I have to admit it's a total toss up between my lovely glasses and Stephen Moyer. Which one would you choose?

Suh - weeeet!


Jodi said...

You NEVER cease to amaze me!

Candice said...

Lucky biotch!!!

Carlos said...

awesome... so much better than an undead fucktoy!

Melissa said... look fabulous.

kate said...

Those glasses are awesome! I LOVE old ladies like that; they're so bold and ballsy.

(I didn't realize you had a blog; I don't know why. I always enjoy your comments on my sister Jodi's blog. Anyway...hi! I'll be back!)

kate said...

And also? I think you should replace your scary vampire-nun photo with this one of you in those killer glasses. Not that you asked. :)