Thursday, July 30, 2009

I AM SO HOT.........PET PEEVE #208

..........about this subject, especially since it is summer. Some things just chap my well-defined ass and this just happens to be one of them.
We all know smoking is bad for you right? And let's just say for a moment that you were a doesn't matter if you are a social smoker or a 4-pack a day smoker, you know that you may get cancer (lung, tongue, lip just to name a few) because of your poor choices. But would you hand your cigarette over to your six year old? Would you let your child smoke just because you thought it was cool?
Well of course not! What person in their right mind would do that?
I must remind you in case you have forgotten, I live in Mayberry. There are more lip injections, breast augmentations, lasered, botoxed and tanned 30-50 something year-olds then per square mile of Hollywood I believe. There are personal trainers and nannies and pet sitters galore out here in Mayberry.
Everything is tidy.

We are all adults. We can do whatever the hell we want (have I mentioned that I also live in the Swingers Capitol of my state?) Another post....

But why oh why must we have our children grow up to be little carbon copies of us? I am specifically talking about the tanning issue.
Go ahead, pray to the Sun God all you wish. You will look like this someday(if you are not already dead).....

Since when is it cool to let your kids burn and then tan to look like you? I see whole families of brown-skinned, uber-tanned people walking around poolside. This is abuse.
Why is it not okay to hand our kids a cigarette, but to allow them to swim and sit poolside for hours on end without sunscreen? We all know the results. Carcinoma or Melanoma = skin cancer baby!

Yeah, yeah.....I know I'm not suppose to judge and blah blah blah. If I don't then who will?

Next time you are at your local pool, offer your sunscreen to a tanned Mom or Dad with a child. Maybe they will take the hint. If they don't, light up and hand your kid a cancer stick....see if that gets their attention.


Jodi said...

won't work - no smoking at the pool...

Pretty sad huh.

tallulah said...

Jodi-It's never stopped me from taking in a cool libation!

Carlos said...

you had me at swingers with boob jobs!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I remember how my mom used to say, Have these people no common sense?
Well I have realized that if sense were really common more damn people would have it!

You are spot on here Tallulah!

kate said...

Seriously?? People let their kids get "tan" now? Jeebus. I don't think even Posh Spice is that dumb or careless.

I mean, I don't even know if sunscreen was INVENTED when we were little, but now that it is? USE IT PEOPLE.

I like your idea, but I think rather than had the cigarette to your kid, you should hand it to THEIR kid and say "What the heck, you might as well get TWO kinds of cancer, eh?"

Candice said...

Lets hear more about these swingers you speak of!

Michelle said...

I so hear this...tanning is so 90's! Ha!