Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Snoop dog Saddle & Sunny w/Honey

LL Cool Christian and Lady Tori

Ice Ice BooBoo and June Bug Leroy

Dizzy Izzy and Busta Cap Kiki

D'Man (left) and Ms. D'Dee

Ms. LL Rappa

Ms. B'dcrous

Ms. Bee Be B Lil' E Ms. C Sparx

Ms. K Notorious (left)
Ms. Run DMD

D'Man II

And of course..... 59 cent T

Everyone is totally transformed when they try on my glasses. Can't you tell? (Okay. Maybe not June Bug Leroy.)
I know you want some.................


Jodi said...

Well, they're definately lovely on everyone - but they definately belong to you! I have to admit, they're beginning to grow on me!

Jodi said...

Hey T, I can't read your blog now that you've changed your font to black.

Is that so that I'll stop making smart ass comments?

Carlos said...

awesome just fucking awesome!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I think Ice Ice Boo Boo wears them best.....not counting you of course!

elle said...

Leroy is my fav of all!