Saturday, June 13, 2009


I have a new little widget on my blog. Can you see it? It says "Followers". Say it with me... FOLL - O- WERZ. Good Job!
It's in the right hand corner at the top. See my beautiful vampire face? I am my own follower!

Now it is your job to be a follower too. I need to know what kind of audience I have. It will also encourage others to read my blog if they see that more than two people read my blog (Hi Mom!). Oh, and will really help with my self-esteem too.

So if you click on the button and become a follower of my blog. I will write you a personal poem written by moi! (I know....I know...who could resist that kind of attention).

So enough of the lurking already. Start following! (You know you want to.)


boisecommaidaho said...

oh wow i clicked on the button BEFORE i knew there was a poem involved....waiting, waiting, waiting...i love poetry.

tallulah said...

A Haiku for Boisecommaidaho:

Your spirit is strong
A path chosen for just you
Mayberry Goddess

Jodi said...

Ok, I'm ticked. I wanted to be your FIRST follower and you posted that while I was at Winco. And we were kindred spirits!!!!!!

Maybe I need followers on my blog!

(now if you could just get rid of having to type those goofy words in order to make a comment...)

Jodi said...

Just FYI, you're really good about doing this anyway, but I haven't been so much. I read somewhere that if you want to have dedicated followers you should comment back to them by name every time someone comments on your blog. But, like I said, you've always been good about doing that. Blog etiquette I guess!

tallulah said...

Thanks for filling me in on the blog etiquette (see? I'm responding!) After the kids go to bed and I have a large tumbler of wine (with straw of course), I shall compose the perfect poem for you!

Jennboree said...

Oooh, I'm Incognito Number Five.

Poem, please!

Sheri/ friend of Jodi's said...

I will try to get a picture try to get rid of the annoying word verification!

Sheri said...

I , of course, expect a poem too!!

tallulah said...

Oh Sheri,
Although I don't think I know you...the word verification is to keep all psycho's out (they can be tracked that way). So if you are a's your warning. :)

And of course I will compose a poem for you!

Candice said...

Since you asked so nicely...

tallulah said...

A Poem for Jodi:

I skip lightly across the ground
Pretending to be a fairy
She walks fierce
Like a bear
Experience she will carry
She embraces life
I deny it
She takes things on with fierceness
We meet by chance
Or was it?
I have everything to learn by it

tallulah said...

A Poem for Sheri:

Did I talk to you once at a concert?
Do you abhor my Vampire/Nun persona?
Are you a stalker?
I may never know
I embrace you

tallulah said...

A Haiku for Candice:

A Texan Beauty
Lover of all things sexy
Crazy-Ass funny

Jodi said...

That was a very nice poem. Now here's one for you!

Blond haired beauty
Such a good mother
Hidden inside is woman I need to know
We are different, yet so much alike

How was that?

tallulah said...

That was awesome Jodi!

tallulah said...

A poem for Jenn-

She will capture you with her

Jennboree said...

Awwww...thank you! *squeak*

tallulah said...

A poem for Carlos:

Keep going
Don't give up
You have determination
You have three children
You are strong

tallulah said...

A poem for Peggy:

From the same cloth
But very different
You are the silk
I am the cotton
What I know for sure
What I haven't forgotten....

You have taught me how to love well

tallulah said...

A Haiku for John:

Our rights are the same
They can't tell me differently
Love must conquer all

tallulah said...

A Poem for Chris:

Listen to the horses
They carry secrets
With a swish of a tail
With the blink of an eye
The horse can see your soul

tallulah said...

A poem for Elle:

I suck at poems
As you can tell
You fire-haired beauty
Too smart to tell
That I'm full of shit
From day to day
That you weed throught the smoke
Will you pray?
Will I find Jesus or
Another saviour?
Probaly not,
Just save it for another....
Another what? Does it really matter. Nope, we are totally square with another.

tallulah said...

A Poem for Danelle:

I was parked in front of your house.
Your young one struggled....
"Why is she there
I don't know this car.
Why is she there?"
And the typical Mom response..."I'm counting 1...2....3..I don't know why they are there bu miind your own business!"
Thank you for doing your job.
Thank you for being a Mom.

DaNell said...

What a wonderful poem for me! My youngest is so curious and I have no patience. You made me laugh out loud for the first time today.

Joel Marriott said...

I was wondering when you would get such a widget. And I thought you just got lazy not updating your blog :P

tallulah said...

A poem for Joel:

A world away
Young and scholarly
Tied together
Through the hope of adoption

tallulah said...

A Haiku for Meeshemama:

Two beautiful boys
Life an un-planned adventure
Spirited, lovely

MeesheMama said...

Love it!

tallulah said...

A poem for Deb:

I know nothing about Jews
I read Rabbi Fink
I love his views on life I think
I love your views on life too
Can I convert even though I wasn't
Born a Jew?

Anonymous said...

tallulah: you better send a different poem to Margaret, Peggy, Peg. I will accept mine as me-ma.

tallulah said...

A poem for Mama Wheaton:

Where did your blog go?
I want to know
Mom of six
Who has to fix
Every boo boo
Every heartache
Where did you go?
I really want to know