Friday, June 19, 2009


Just as this relationship is fucked up and wrong....

I had a similar experience at our local Swim and Run shop today. I'm already in a pissy mood. I have to pick out a swimming suit. Nobody who is blindingl-white, veiny and a little soft around the middle wants to shop for a swimming suit. Then the employees that are "really helpful" want to know your exact size bra cup, ass cup and everything in between. They get out the measuring tape and start making notes. Must it be this complicated?

On top of being in hell, I happen to be next to a woman who is looking for a swimming suit with her son. She is obviously much larger than myself but shopping in the same size swimming suits as me. The boy must of been about Christian's age...eleven or twelve.

Woman: "What do you think of this one?" Is it too revealing? Do you like the color? Blah Blah Blah"

She did that with EVERY suit she looked at. Her son's response;

Son: "Yeah, that one is okay. That's a good color Mom."

Then she went in to the dressing room next to me and I shit you not.......


She proceeded to get naked and try on a myriad of suits with her twelve year old son. She continued with the "Do I look fat in this one?" "Tie this up for me." "Does this one make my boobs look big?" "Does this color bring out my eyes?"

The whole time the boy was saying, "Yes Mom. I like that one." or "No Mom, that makes your butt look too big."

I had a hard time concentrating on trying on bathing suits. I could not close my jaws for the life of me. I kept waiting to see if there was a camera somewhere with PRANK written all over it. But sadly...there was not.

Okay Moms. If you do not find this unusual. Repeat after me......BOUNDARIES!

I had a friend who was a a psychologist tell me once that you should start covering up your privates when boys are old enough to remember what you look like naked (around five years old). That made perfect sense to me. I really don't want my boys as adults get all creeped out and shudder when they think back to all the times they saw me naked. Ewwww!


Candice said...

Ugh! That is just wrong.

Reminds me of the adult woman that was sitting at the foot of her FATHERS bed while his penis was exposed. I asked her if she wanted to step out, but she declined while she just sat and stared.

People are weird.

Jodi said...


Jennboree said...

Ew. EW!!! So gross. Soooo inappropriate! That poor kid.

Really? "Do my boobs look big" ???

Hubby knew it was time to cover up when Ava pointed out last week that he has a "funny body and he peepees like this" as she stands, hips thrust out, holding pretend man-part. Funny? Yes! Privacy required from here on out? Definitely!

Jennboree said...

OMG...Candice. That is so beyond weird!