Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Living in a state that clearly has four seasons, I love, Love LOVE Summer! I most likely would not say the same thing if I lived in say, Texas... like my friends Barb, Jenn & Candice do. Candice has a certain way of describing heat in Texas, and I must makes me cringe when she writes about it.

That said, here are a few reasons why Summer kicks ass.....
  • It's all about food right? Good god! My garden and my two next-door neighbors gardens are bountiful. The beauty is that I can go to either of their back yards whether they are home or not and start picking away. Those are some lovely, lovely neighbors.
  • Heat. I love heat. I spend 300 days a year freezing my ass off. When other people are toasty, I am cursing them (very often, out loud). Why must I have been born with the "I'm freezing-fucking-cold-gene"?
  • Despite the sun, I am able to stay Vampire-White with SPF 4000.
  • Oh again. Is there any other time of year that you can have ripe, juicy peaches, sweet raspberries, corn-on-the-cob with butta, fresh herbs and tomatoes. know the kind of tomatoes that are so red, ripe and juicy. The kind that you pick right off the vine and eat not caring if the juice is running down your chin.
  • Oh...and the best...the absolute best part of Summer is that I have the privilege of spending it with my children. Vacations, swimming, hiking, lounging and loving life. No schedules. No homework. I feel very lucky.

June Sunset - Bogus Basin


Candice said...

Where the hell is Mayberry?

Beautiful view.

I'll just continue to have my innards BBQ'd here in Tejas.

Jodi said...

We really are lucky living here and having the beautiful view of the hills. LOVE your pictures!

Carlos said...

sign me up... all except for tomatoes, yucky