Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I remember seeing a documentary a while back about children in India learning how to take pictures with cameras that an instructor gave them. It was called Born Into Brothels. If you haven't seen it, you should take the time to rent it. Children with cameras can be amazing. They shoot photos of things you would never think were art, but that's what they end up being....incredible, beautiful pieces of art.

I gave the camera to Izzy one day. I wouldn't say that any of these shots are award winning, but if you ask him, he has a reason behind every shot.
New tennis racket.

Saddles butt.

My butt.

Potato gun and potato.

Basket of shoes.

Mama kissing Sunny....she looks so thrilled!

Knives and scissors.

BooBoo's tiny teeth.

Interesting perspective from a 6 year old. You can tell he likes animals, butt, guns and knives. What do you think he's trying to say?


Jodi said...

How fun is that! I thought that potato was a big turd though. I was relieved to read that it wasn't...

I wonder what my 15 year old would take pictures of.

Candice said...

First things first.

Nice ass.

Seondly, what the hell is wrong with that potato?

tallulah said...

Jodi-Give him a camera for the day...see what happens!

Candice-Thanks for the ass comment!
That's how all Idaho potatoes look.
Just joking....
This was three days later after if had shriveled in the sun.

Carlos said...

i second the nice pooper comment and also dig the perspective...

Jennboree said...

So you stick the wrong size knife into the block slit too?

We're truly kindred spirits.

I like the Sunny kiss. I look like that when hubby kisses me.

The dog anus pic, I could do without.

Whatever rocks Izzy's boat, right?

tallulah said...

Hahaha Jenn! You think I do dishes around my house? That's the work of Christian and Tori. It's called slave labor. Prepare your girls now!
Oh cmon...dog anus pics are awesome!