Friday, June 12, 2009


So far.....Izzy has tried cheesy, dried larvae and crunchy crickets. We even got Christian's grossed-out friends to try them by promising them a coca-cola after eating one.

But he did surprise me the other day when he asked if he could have his Valentine's candy that he was saving for a special occasion. The kid saved this for four months until the right opportunity presented itself.....

You see, Izzy was getting ready for tennis lessons and was VERY tired. He couldn't fathom the thought of going without an energy boost. I offered a cookie....he chose this:

Nothing like a tasty scorpion for extra energy. Izzy ate the cephalothorax and all!

What weird food will he try next?


Candice said...


Jennboree said...

That certainly

Anonymous said...

izzy said to me. "me-ma, the scorpion is just for flavor". yuck!!!!