Friday, June 26, 2009


I grew up Catholic. As an adult, I tried my go at religion but with no success. Religion should fit like I glove. I felt that I kept trying on pantyhose that were 3 x too small. The more I went to church, the more I felt like someone was telling me how to think, what to say and what to believe. I bagged it.

I've been a lot happier since I bagged the God gig. If there is a God, he/she is much bigger than myself, this world or this Universe. I practice love and kindness every day. I see nature as a way to connect myself with something bigger. I'm a good person.

With that said, I do pray on occasion. Maybe once every few months. It goes like this, "God, please please please please please please. God, please please please please please."
Have you ever had a Migraine? If you haven't you could probably skip this post all-together. If you think it's "just a headache" then please drop by my house while I bitch-slap you down the block.

I happened upon a Migraine yesterday. Thankfully, the pharmaceutical companies have found a drug that works for me. Maxalt. If you have Migraines but haven't tried it yet, I recommend it. I get "Aura" Migraines. That means I see funny lines, spots and zig-zags in front of my face whether my eyes are open or closed. If I take a Maxalt right when the aura starts, I can stop the Migraine before the pain comes. This is key.
Where the praying comes in is when I miss this window. I pray because my thoughts are suicidal. I think of whatever option of death can come quickly as possible. Pills? Drive my car off a cliff? Blood-letting? It really doesn't matter. Between retching uncontrollably for hours on end and crying and rocking in the dark, I. Must. Make. Pain. Stop.

Yesterday I was able to stop the migraine in time. No "God, please please please" praying for me. But then something comes later. Another little lovely present wrapped up in barbwire and especially delivered to me.

I call it "The after-headache." It's not a migraine. It's the kind of headache that one might take off from work for or lay down and take a nap for a few hours. It's the kind of pain that just debilitates you for the rest of the day. When you move your head takes time for your pained brain to catch up to where you just moved your head. Ow.

Oh, and there's more! I am so sensitive to light and noise that I walk around with dark sunglasses on and those noise-deafening earphones people use on airplanes.

Aren't I lovely? Me so pretty!
What? You can't tell which one I am? I don't blame you. The Thing and I have a lot in common. We anger easily and we both look and feel like shit.
Today I'm 100% better and I'm ready to take on the world....
So just like The Thing.......bring it on!


Candice said...

You poor thing.

I'm glad you're feeling better now.

P.S. - I think you look hawt in your sun glasses!

Jodi said...

So greatful that I've never suffered from migranes. Glad you're feeling so much better today!

elle said...

Glad you caught it in look sorta like a hipster dj...

tallulah said...

I'm rockin now girls...until next time......