Thursday, December 11, 2008


The year of 2008 has been one of the worst years on record for my family, extended family and friends. Most details I can't publish for all, but it has been a generally sucky year. It makes me want to partake in many a martini. Bubby bought these new martini glasses to help us along on our drinking binge. (chocolate milk for the kids in two of them) This year basically translates in to a huge Ba-Humbug effect for me. We aren't putting up lights this year and in fact....I decided that we wouldn't have a Christmas tree as well.

But then, some blessed soul literally left a tree on my doorstep in a pan of water. Someone who in their own struggles, stepped outside of their own personal pain to brighten the lives of someone else and her children (who were begging for a tree).

So now I have had a change of heart and will count all my blessings and continue with the Christmas traditions that my children look forward to and love. .......

A gingerbread house that Bubby and the kids made - complete with Star Wars action figures.
(the next day he let them deconstruct it and eat it for lunch)

Christmas cookies decorated....complete with pigs and cactus.

Breakfast with Santa Claus and a glimpse of beautifully decorated Christmas trees.

When I see the complete joy on their faces, I am so grateful.


Mama Wheaton said...

They say Christmas is for children and this year I'm with you, in that I don't want to do much but I rememeber that the kids aren't seeing or feeling the same burdens I am, so Christmas is for them.

Jennboree said...

I'm very sorry you and those you love have had a sucky year. Ours has definitely had its shitty moments. It was hard to get into the Christmas spirit but as we've gotten more into the season, my own children have lifted our spirits and allowed us to relax and enjoy THEIR joy.

Today we sat in an auditorium filled with restless and loud 3 year olds, proper 4 year olds (except one girl who was way too comfortable on a stage) and excited 5 year olds in costumes. Bella would see us and nearly wave her arm out of socket. She shouted out to her little sister at exactly the quietest moment.

Perfection, at least for today.

BTW, those cactus cookies are kick ass!

Jennboree said...

I do have to add that I think it is absolutely awesome that someone left you a tree on your doorstep. Love gestures are some of life's most incredible heart healers.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the Christmas Spirit just shows up when you least expect it.....and that is what the "Spirit" of the season is - the unknown but unconditional loving feeling. Which is probably why every year the same question gets asked - why can't we be like this every day?

Joel said...

Me and my friends all agree that Izzy appears to be the cutest boy on earth. I know, that is completely unrelated to this post.

But still, can I have him? :D