Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Izzy is obsessed with trying new foods. The child drives me nearly insane with his thirst for new and exciting things to try.

Yes.... you are absolutely right. That is larvae. Izzy wanted to taste some after seeing a television program about eating strange and exotic foods. Cheddar cheese flavor. I shit you not.

Two weeks later it was crickets (sour cream and onion flavor).

When will the insanity ever end?
(Note: Izzy was grossing out Christian's friends with eating larvae. They refused to try one. Until...of course, I offered them a can of soda. Every single one of them ate a worm. Suckers!)


john said...

Ahhhhhhhh!!!! 'Bout damn time!

*SO* glad to see you post again!

And so glad to see that Izzy is still up to his usual shenanigans :)

Love it!

boisecommaidaho said...

Other than the gross factor I have to applaud your resourcefulness at actually finding a lovely package of flavored larvae. It's interesting that there are that many people in the developed world who consider it a snack like ritz-bits. I can see the survival aspect, but as a pantry item....shudder. Go Izzy!

Jennboree said...

So? What's the verdict on cheddar cheese larvae?

He should totally go on the road as Travel Channel's Anthony Bourdain sidekick.