Wednesday, June 18, 2008

JUNE 2008

Is this why they call it "The Dog Days of Summer"?


Jennboree said...

Hell yeah! If I could lay across the back of a cool leather couch all day, I would!

T's Pink Gloves said...

That picture is like, SO classic! VERY cute, he looks SO comfy but you have to wonder... how? It is kind of like your kid in the car seat... did he cry also when he woke up? LOL Oh and what happens if the doorbell rings, does he startle and scamble and end up end over teakettle barking the whole way? LOL

SO... what is the answer to the riddle below, because like seriously, I am like SOOOOO collecting my ten dollars on that one! LOL

Oh and those raviolis look YUMMY! I make them from scratch also, I use a spinich mixture that is yummy. You made me realize I have not done this in AGES and now have a hankering for some... thanks for that! OH and tell us how the Springrolls turn out, I so could live on some springrolls... on second thought, I don't think I want to hear they are easy or some such... my butt will thank you for that too! LOL

Good to see you back, I miss your funnies!