Monday, August 20, 2007


When I was young (much younger than the legal age), I got a tattoo on my ankle. My friend who was 16 was dating a 30-something year old man (skuz) who also happened to own a tattoo shop. I got a paisley on my ankle. Small...not too intrusive. I was quite proud of myself for not getting something outrageous at such a young age.

Fast forward 25 years later. I decided to get another tattoo. And since my hair is short and all, I might as well get something that again, could be covered if need be.

Introducing tallulah's back of her neck: Can anyone guess what this means?
I hope I know because I've been marked for all eternity.......
Do you have any tattoo's? What/where are they?


dannogal said...

I can't imagine what it says/means but would love to! I'm on track for my "neck" tattoo next month and can hardly wait!

Jennboree said...

Did that hurt like a mofo? I have no idea what it means. The obvious would be something about life or love but perhaps it means "Way Down In Mayberry"? *snort*

Do tell! And, are you letting your hair grow yet or waiting on your sis's recovery? How's she doing, btw?

john said...

4 tattoos in total.

you'll have to guess where they are ;-)

tallulah said...

jenn-yes it hurt, but really, after having a baby...yeh, it's all nothin.
I'm keeping my hair short. My sister's hair is longer than mine now and she is cancer free! Yay!

john-4 tattoos? hmmm...let's see...I'll guess a rainbow, your favorite football team, your husband's name and a I offending? am I way off?

My tattoo is the hebrew sanskrit for the word "om". I'm hoping it will bring me a little more peace and serenity in my life....HA!