Thursday, August 16, 2007


Izzy's fascination with food and eating out-of-the-ordinary foods is borderline psychotic.

I know the child loves food, learning about food, cooking food and talking about food. Today, (since we are learning about the letter F and the only word that he can consistently say that starts with the letter F is f*ck) we chose to make Fudge. I figure that if I can instill the word Fudge in to his F dictionary, maybe he won't use the word f*ck when they ask him at preschool what words start with the letter F.

Here are some of the strange sentences/conversations that occurred at the grocery store this morning while shopping for fudge ingredients:

Izzy: "Mom? Can we buy some pine nuts or pistachios?"
Me: "Yes, why?"
Izzy: "I want to toast them and put them on top of ice cream."

Izzy: "Mom? What are we having for lunch today?"
Me: "I don't know....what would you like?"
Izzy: "Smoked salmon and peanut butter sandwiches. I think that would be a great combination don't you?"
Me: "How about peanut butter and honey instead. I don't think we will purchase any smoked salmon today."
Izzy: "Only if I can have the white honey from Hawaii on it. I like it better than the other honey."

Izzy: "Does Giada de Laurentis shop here?"

Izzy: "Mom, they don't have any blood oranges. I want to share them with my class."
Me: "What about the peaches that MeMa bought us? We could take some of them to school."
Izzy: "Are they the white flesh peaches Mom? I only like peaches with white flesh."

Izzy: "Are we out of avocados and goat cheese? Tomorrow I want avocados sprinkled with sea salt and some goat cheese on the side I can dip crackers in to."

Good Lord! Couldn't he just be happy with a handful of fish crackers?

And I leave you with this picture of us on vacation. Izzy happily eating Mussels. Tearing apart each one and enjoying its contents and then dipping his bread into the wine/mussel broth. You see all of the red stuff? Hot pepper flakes. He loves them.
Twenty years from now when Izzy is some famous Chef on the Food Network channel, you can say that you used to see naked pictures of him on his Mother's blog.


Jennboree said... THAT is his calling. :)

Does he watch Iron Chef too?

Even my children stop to watch Food Network. We're not sure if we should be concerned or thrilled.

Anonymous said...

Tallulah, You should bring Izzy out to the farm, and I can show him how to make his OWN goat cheese!

and what exactly DID you expect? Considering his mom used to work at "THE" premier deli in Metropolis?!?!?