Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Josh Groban has never been on my list of "must see before I die." I'm always game to try something new though and I bought my mother (MeMa) tickets for her 74th birthday. Last night we braved the traffic in the metropolis to attend a Josh Groban concert. We had great seats and when Josh came over to the area where we were sitting, you could practically touch him. I was expecting a night full of ballads with a lot of Latin and Italian. What I got was an awesome performance from a 26 year old man that can not only sing the sappy songs, (he even said at the concert how some of his songs are so "cornball"), but a man that can rock out! He also brought along this woman named Lucia who is an acid violinist that nearly brought the house down with her version of a Led Zepplin song.

To my left I had a 16 year old crying and text-messaging her friends saying she wanted to marry him....I had my mother on my right singing, dancing and waving frantically every time Josh came near her. Then there was me in the middle....pleasantly suprised how much I was enjoying Josh's performance including his wit and sense of humor and connection to the audience.

Any man that can have Kindergarten aged boys and girls span all the way up to the elderly in wheelchairs enjoying his music is a man that has bridged a very important gap. Last night he added one 30something year old to his list and an Ipod that will be jam-packed with his CD's.

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mistressofchange said...

I adore Josh! I'm so jealous you saw him! Sounded like a great time.