Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Dear Way Down In Mayberry Residents,

I know we live in a small community and we pride ourselves on being kind. When I'm walking around our neighborhood, I am pleased when you slow down and frantically wave to say hello. But please remember this: ALL of you drive SUV'S. ALL of you have tinted windows and I have no clue in hell who you are because all of your big-ass cars look the same. So please don't think I'm not being friendly when I just do the "kinda half-wave" while squinting to see who is in the car.




The Analyzer said...

I think you're rude. Just do what the rest of us do: wave overenthusiastically to everyone!

Jennboree said...

That is a sweet ride. Who cares about our planet Earth? Pshaw. We'll all be living in space soon enough.

mist1 said...

We wave at other drivers in my huge metro community as well. We do sort of a modified wave that involves fewer fingers.