Monday, September 03, 2007


My friend The Analyzer, took a big leap of faith this summer. Ms. Analyzer along with her husband and four children purchased a puppy. Ms. A. is not a dog person, but surprisingly became one after bringing in a very. cute. puppy. Ms. A. luurrrvvves this dog. But what A. didn't know was how much her children would luuurrve this dog too. Here is a typical phone conversation that commenced several times a week........

Me: "How are you doing A? What did you do this weekend?

A: "Oh, it was good. We went to the movies and then...hold on, just a second....HEY BOW! PUT THE DOG DOWN! LEAVE THE DOG ALONE! Sorry tallulah....anyway, where was I?"

Me: "What movie did you see?"

A: "We saw blah blah blah. Have you seen it yet? There is this awesome scene where....MASON? DID YOU TAKE THE DOG OUT TO GO TO THE BATHROOM? (pause) TAKE THE DOG OUT WILL YOU? SHE'S SNIFFING AROUND." Um....oh, yeah I was talking about the movie. The ending was great.

Me: "That was a good movie wasn't it? I liked the part where..

A: "OH SHIT! The dog just peed on the carpet. DAMNIT! MAAASSSSOOOONNN! Tallulah, I'll call you back in a bit."

Me: "okay...bye."


I secretly snickered this entire summer. A puppy? What the hell was she thinking? Whatever Ms. A conveyed obviously didn't sink in. Welcome to:

Sunny (whom Tori named with family approval)

Saddle (whom Izzy named with family approval)

Four kids at home, four cats, four dogs, four goldfish and add about 4 gazillion gallons of craziness to go along with it now makes our family complete.

How dare I be so glib with my dear friend The Analyzer. My apologies....

Did I mention I just started college again this semester? Dear Lord...give me strength.


Jennboree said...

Good God, woman. Are you shooting espressos every fifteen minutes to keep up?

The pups are precious. I never want another one. Until I see a precious one, I'm sure.

Congratulations on having a huge population in your home.

Ms. Analyzer said...

It's warms all the frozen black shrivelled corners of my heart to know there is at least ONE person here in Mayberry who makes as bad, if not worse, decisions as I do!!! Seriously though, don't you just LURVE all that puppy??? (minus all the ookie stuff)

T-girl said...

WOW! That is a zoo! LOL

I love puppies in theory then I get them home and realise they are like children... what was I thinking! ROTFL