Friday, March 09, 2007


tallulah has come back from the dead
After a 14 hours of lying on my bathroom floor wishing I were dead, the food poisoning that so quickly entered my body.....has left. I may never eat out again.
On a happy note: Bubby bought me a new camera that is terrific. Please bear with me while I figure out what the hell I am doing.


mist1 said...

I love how the tile of the bathroom floor feels so cool to my cheek when I'm sick.

Jennboree said...

I'm so glad you've returned! You apparently returned that food you ate, but fortunately gave it to the toilet.

What was the food poisoning from, do you know?

GORGEOUS rainbow! wow. I'll be back just to look at it again.

Liz said...

Liz from I Speak of Dreams. I am so sorry you were ill.

Normally in CA, I will be in ID from Saturday to Thursday (probably), up in Ketchum. Drop me a line if your gang would like to trek up.

T-girl said...

EW! Food poisoning is THE WORST!!!! I am sorry you were under the weather hopefully you are back to snuff now!

Healthy bellies to you- T

Shoshana said...

I had food poisoning. I am really sorry to hear you went through it. It's bad and not fun at all.

cloudscome said...

Beautiful rainbow! I am looking forward to you learning to use your new camera. Glad you were quickly over that dreadfulness.

Velma said...

Oh, that just sounds miserable! Glad you are feeling better, though!

I'm Just a Girl said...

Welcome back, Kotter!

I still feel like I'm a member of the walking dead. At least with food poisoning you know it won't be around for long. This f---ing sinus infection/flu has apparently found a nice warm home in my body.

Glad you're better - thanks for letting me vent and whine!