Tuesday, February 20, 2007


My friend Kiki (the one who made me the Day of the Dead, 37 layer lasagna) says that I am the "coolest woman on the planet." Kiki must be walking around with some major blinders on.

How boring is tallulah?

Really want to know?

Last month I received one of those chain letters for crazy socks. Have you ever received a chain letter like that?

Basically, you buy one pair of socks for the person on the list. You send them the socks and then they move your name up to the top of the list. You are supposed to send the letter out to 6 people.

I was telling my book club about the letter I received and how I participated. I said, "Just think! I will buy one pair of socks and get 36 pair in return!"

All of them said...."Those never work!" They went in to detail about how they have done dishtowel chain letters and blah blah chain letters and you never get anything back.

Well my dear book clubbies....

Here is a picture of just SOME of the crazy socks I got in the mail.

27 pairs to date!

Now you know how really boring tallulah can be.


mist1 said...

I want to rescue you from those socks. Where are you going to wear those?

I am afraid of the socks with individual toes. My dad used to wear his gloves on his feet and walk around the house. Scared me to death. Good times.

T-girl said...

nu-uh! That is pretty cool! I have never heard of this! How fun!

OMG! Seriously... my thought process reading this just surpassed yours and buying the damn things... and getting them back! So honey, you can NOT be the boringest person because I thought... "that is SO cool!" Not only am I boring... I must be a complete geek also! LMAO

s@bd said...

I CAN NOT BELIEVE that actually WORKED for you.


Jennboree said...

Wow. It does work! Unless you send the letter to me, then the buck (or socks) stops there.

I got one of those last year for flip-flops. DANG...imagine how many flip-flops I could have right now!

The Analyzer said...

OH MY GAWD!!! YOU are the only person I have ever heard of this working for! I, as a clubie, stand completely corrected. Wear a cool pair tomorrow to book club just to rub it in!!

mistressofchange said...

Wow, you're lucky! Those chain letter things where you're supposed to get things back (I'm thinking recipes...but socks work, too) never, ever work for me!

tallulah said...

Mist-I received 1 pair of those toe ones...with red hot chili peppers on them. That really would have given you Dad nightmares as a kid.
The great thing about being married is as long as I am naked from the knees up, Bubby doesn't care what socks I'm wearing.

s@bd - No. Seriously.

Shoshana said...

Wow! Tallulah, buy some lottery ticket now!

It never happen to me. I do those chain thingy, and somehow, it's like dropping them in a black hole. Nothing happens!

That is so not boring!

Her Bad Mother said...

I think that that is evidence of a wild-n-crazy streak a mile wide. Dare to chain-sock! Carpe diem!

soozie0722 said...

I just got one of those letters from my husband's 78 year old Aunt. Now I am by no means saying that only OLD people do these things.

I couldn't say that....know why? One, you're not old and neither am I! I would have normally tossed this aside (I swear!) but it came from my husband's Aunt.

I had to do it.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Steven Novak said...

I've never heard of this and honestly I'm not that heartbroken. :)