Saturday, February 17, 2007


Our Mothers.
Our Sisters.
Our Friends.
We all have a story that weaves its way into our lives. Nobody wants it there.
My sister K-Kay recently was diagnosed with breast cancer. The most kind-hearted, passionate, funny, loving, hard-working Mother of two has been slapped in the face with this disease. It was sudden.
K-Kay had a lumpectomy, then they found cancer in the other breast. Now K-Kay has to endure weeks of chemotherapy along with radiation. K-Kay doesn't live in Way Down In Mayberry. In fact, K-Kay lives nowhere near me. K-Kay has requested that I not visit until May. Despite her impending nausea and her once long hair falling out and all that comes with chemo, she is aware that I am only able to visit for a week. May is when her son, my nephew, graduates from High School.
She doesn't want to take the glory away from her son's achievement. She doesn't want everyone rushing down to take care of her if no one will be there in May for her son.
Have I mentioned that K-Kay is selfless?
And because I will honor K-Kay's request, I feel helpless. What can I do from here?
1. Sign up for "Sister Study". No other cancer research is of this magnitude. I will be studied for the next ten years. Blood tests, dust samples from my home and piles and piles of paperwork. Scientists are trying to find links from genetics to environment. Every sister counts.
2. Donate my long hair to "Locks of Love". An organization that makes human hair wigs for kids with cancer.
3. Shave the rest of my hair off. Every question from a curious person will start more conversations about the disease. More stories. More weaving.

I love you sis!


cloudscome said...

Tallulah I am so sorry. K-Kay sounds like a really wonderful sister and amazing woman. God Bless her and your family. Keep us posted.

I started a personal blog to write about parenting stuff outside of the library at Come on by!

T-girl said...

Aww! You made me cry! I am so sorry, you feel helpless. There is not worse feeling then when a family member/loved one is gravely ill. Nothing feels quite like that frustrated anxiety of knowning you can do nothing but be there. It feels like you should DO so much more and yet you don't know what!

I think it is wonderful all that you are doing. There has been such a huge advancement in breast cancer research thanks to people like you who are getting the word out. It is a such a strange disease but the survival rate is so good now, so much better then in the past. Have you done the genetics testing? I assume that will be apart of the research for this. What a wonderful thing to be apart of.

I will be sending good vibes your sisters way (I totally believe in this btw) and yours as well to be strong.


Mayberry said...

Wow--you are a great sister! Please send K-Kay lots of love and support from us over here in the other Mayberry. (My mom = 14.5 year survivor!)

MeesheMama said...

Wow. Thank you. And a thousand well wishes to you sister.

mistressofchange said...

Amazingly awesome of you! Best wishes and much strength to your sister and her (and your) family and friends. And many, many kudos to you as you spread the Word of Awareness.

Jennboree said...

I am so sorry for your sister and your family. Cancer is so very awful.

Your sister is already making a difference with her selflessness....and hers influenced yours. Amazing.

If she is interested, my husband's aunt owns an alternative medicine clinic in Tijuana. Her name is Liz Jonas, the clinic is called Bio-Medical Center. She took over the clinic when her sister died many years ago.


I could go on and on about what her clinic has done for cancer patients (several of whom I know personally) but why don't you check her out yourself and if you feel it would be right, send it on to your sister.

Liz is in Mexico right now but will be back in the states in a couple of weeks. I can get any and all numbers you need to reach her and talk to her personally, either in the US or Mexico directly.

Cancer is very frightening, sad and lonely. I'm a believer in gathering any and all information to find the best route to healing.


s@bd said...

a) you look strong and gorgeous
b) cancer is straight from hell
c) i am SO sorry
d) carrying you and k-kay in my heart

Jennboree said...

Also, don't think that her clinic is one of those in the news from Mexico recently. Her's is legit. And your sis could do chemo right along side the clinic treatment, if she chooses to.

I know that you don't know me at ALL but I'm sending you this information in all truthfulness and hope for your loved one.

tallulah said...

I will send all well wishes K-Kay's way. Positive thoughts can change the world!

Kristin said...

Hi Tallulah--I'm a fellow mayberrian and know your blog via domestic oblivion. I wanted to say how sorry I am that your sister must join the BC Sisterhood, but I am a recent sign-up of that sisterhood at the age of 37 it's a strong and supportive sisterhood. You and K-kay will be nurtured through this by so many women who have paved the way. Also there are a million fabulous resources but the three I found to be great support for both family, friends and me are:,, Since we're neighbors I'd also like to extend an invitation to you to contact me if you want to talk or have questions; no pressure, I will keep you both in my thoughts

I'm Just a Girl said...

What an awesome sister you are...K-Kay is very lucky.