Thursday, February 22, 2007


I hope I'm not having to say the above phrase when Izzy is 16. But for now, I cannot keep clothes on this child to save my life.

Last week it was "The Naked Chef".
This week it is "The Naked Singer" with Bubby's new recording equipment.
And really, how can one belt out one's best version of "Twinkle Little Star" unless they are completely comfortable?

Izzy SO belongs on American Idol.

Happy Love Thursday!


Gatxan said...

LOL! Why does he like so much to go around naked?

Anonymous said...

Ha!! Too cute!

Shoshana said...


Maybe Yossi and Izzy can start a naked band. Yossi likes to play the piano naked.

T-girl said...

LMAO! Glad to know my club is full of others just like me. Today it was the make-up counter.... "are you hot? Uh, Mom! I think she is too warm!" I look over to see Naked child looking at me and everyone else who has stopped to stare at her (there is ALWAYS some 500 people near by right?) like, "what is the issue people, I'm just trying to get comfy!"

So can Joci play the drums for Izzy and Yossi? She likes to do that on her little drum and well, she is ALWAYS naked so... she should be good to go! She is not pottytrained yet though so maybe we should move those drums closer to the edge and all though... just for sanitary effect! I am sure that would put the rest of the band off not to do something about that little prob! LOL Don't worry I have lots of protein urine gone remover though just in case!

Jennboree said...

He could represent all nudists for AI. I'd totally spend the $ to call in and vote! :)

Steven Novak said...

I used to do the exact same thing believe it or not...

And by "used to" I mean "last weekend." ;)


tkkerouac said...

totally cute!