Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Izzy's fascination with trying new foods must come from me. He loves to try new foods.

Izzy's current interests:

1. Frying up a hamster for dinner.
(I explained that we normally don't eat things that have names.....like a pet)

2. Next time we go camping, to BBQ a mouse on a stick rather than a veggie dog or a marshmallow.

I'm not sure where he gets these ideas, however, Izzy is quite persistent in trying them. Case and point......the other day at our local Mercantile restaurant for lunch.

Me: "Izzy, what would you like for lunch?"
Izzy: "Hamster."
Me: "Would you like it fried or baked?"
Izzy: "Fried."
Me: "Hmmmm..." (looking at menu) "they don't have hamster on the menu today."
Izzy: "Don't they have any in the back?"
Me: "Ummmm....no."
Izzy: "I'll take chicken nuggets with ranch and french fries with ketchup today, but could you ask our waitress if the chef could add hamster to his menu?"
Silence......................(I am completely dumbfounded)
Me: "Well um..yes, of course."

Please. Dear God. Tell me your three-year-old acts/acted this way. I need some reassurance right now.


ponytrax said...

Yes. All three kids voiced petabalistic urges.

Oh, by the way, Jumper Girl just got back from Latin America, where she ate....guinea pig.

It, however, did not have a name.

Iz is just recalling his Peruvian roots, is all.

And the naked everything? Jumper Girl disrobed quite often.

Jennboree said...

uh. well.

not reeeeeeeeaaally...

Bella does like to try new foods though. If we ask her to try it, she'll shrug and say "yeah, shu"

guess you're back on the carnivorous wagon? :)

mist1 said...

I heard hamster tastes like chicken. Sort of reminds me of that book/movie where the guy eats all the lemmings. What's the name of that story?

tallulah said...

Jenn-the kids can order meat at a resteraunt, but at home they are still Veggies.

tallulah said...

Mist-"Never Cry Wolf"

Ponytrax-Guinea pig sounds delicious!

T-girl said...

I am sorry I laughed but... you have to admit it IS hysterically funny! I think boys come up with some odd things, Baby J being two just tries to eat stuff- doesn't even bother to warn us. She is really into licking EVERYTHING right now... I mean EVERYTHING! Me, the hubby, the house, the damn dog runs and hides when he sees her coming, the cat is confused and me... I can't figure out if I should pledge the damn things off my entertainment center or just wait until she out grows this phase! LOL

So, what did the waitress say? Was the Chef impressed with this new menu idea? This is a cute story I like it!

tallulah said...

T-I distracted Izzy with the candy aisle. I never had to embarrass myself by asking the waitress to add fried hamster to the menu. Whew!

Lynn said...

Yikes, I laughed too. Don't worry too much, my boys were okay with eating pets. One day our pet oscar died and I spent the last part of the school day trying to come up with the best way to break it to them. Their response to my news was to ask if we could deep fry him.

Shoshana said...

Tallulah, he's so cute!

I have to say that only 1 of my 3 year olds (they're older now) asked for exotique dish.

If I remember it correctly, he wanted to cockroach to the menu. Not so he could eat it. He thought that if it's on a recipe, then someone might start eating cockroach, and then there won't be any left.

He added mosquito to the list also, then ants later on.