Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Izzy is WAY in to pretending. He especially likes the "Abracadabra Game". Izzy pretends to wave a magic wand and ABRACADABRA! the magic happens.

Izzy's favorite right now is, "Abracadabra Mom, you have no mouth." This means for the next ten minutes, or until he gets bored, I cannot speak and can only use signing and gestures. Izzy giggles when he subtly sees an eyebrow raise or a shrug of the shoulders. He tries to trick you in to speaking.

Another favorite is, "Abracadabra Mom, you are a _____________(insert monster here)". At this point, I am to change in to a Vampire or Frankenstein and then chase him around the house. Just before Izzy is to be bitten or attacked he magically changes me back to Mom again.

I think that this is such a powerful game for him. In a world of a three-year old, Izzy has little choices that are satisfying to him. He has to be carted around on errands or take naps or eat icky food. Sure, I give options: "Would you like applesauce or yogurt with your sandwich?" or "Would you like to take a bath before or after dinner?" but for some reason, those options really don't offer him the kind of control Izzy would like. With the Abracadabra game, Izzy feels in control and powerful.

Yesterday, when I was driving around running errands with a tired boy in the back seat, I looked in my rear view mirror just in time to see Izzy whisper the words, "Abracadabra! You are not tired." Saying his mantra out loud helped him stay awake!

And my current favorite......"Abracadabra Mom! You will not get old and die."

**I had a really cute picture of Izzy to go with this post, but now they are telling me Blogger Beta is dead and I have to jump through a ton more hoops to post pictures. I'll fix that very soon....I hope.


Jennboree said...

I love the land of pretend. And it is really funny to see the differences as well as the similarities in how boys pretend vs girls.

Is it age 3 that kids start to notice death's existence? Yours isn't the only that I've heard request their parent/pet doesn't die.

Bella did ask her dad yesterday if he is "almost old". HA> his birthday is tomorrow. Needless to say it fueled his self-pity.

s@bd said...

sadie hasn't really talked about it yet ...?

But when she does, i'm TOTALLY teaching her the 'abaracadabara' trick. (cuz it works, right?)

I'm Just a Girl said...

It's the truth! Kids have such wild imaginations and are able to pretend without a second thought. I remember being able to do that but I think I lost it with the placenta after childbirth.

They keep us young though, don't they??? You have more patience than me, I'm not sure I could sit for ten minutes and be silent at The Boy's command! LOL

T-girl said...

I LOVE IT! That is SO cute! See moments like this is why I can not wait for Baby J to start talking! LOL It's that one at 15 that I am worried about! LOL

Anonymous said...

Sweet boy.