Tuesday, December 19, 2006


It's quite obvious that on some days, someone just needs to knock down my door and tear up my parent card. It seems like my fumbling through parenthood can make some long-lasting impressions on the children.

The other day, Bubby came home with a CD for me. That man is always bringing me home little surprises. This was a CD by Paula Cole. One that I had lost several years back. If you are not familiar with Paula Cole, she has this incredible voice that can be deep and powerful or soft and throaty. I just had to play it so I instructed the kids that they could listen and dance to the music (which I was blaring from the stereo), but not to listen to the words too closely.

One of the songs goes like this:

"Call me a bitch in heat..and I'll call you a LIAR. We'll throw stones until we're dead."

Yeh. I know. Real uplifting music.

So yesterday I was teasing Christian. We were hitting each other and goofing around. It was obvious Christian wanted to get me back by calling me a name. (Dummyhead, Loser & Stoooopid are a few of his favorites when we are playing).

Christian: "You.....you!"

Me: (me pretend kicking his leg) "Whatcha gonna call me Christian?"

Christian: "You........"

Me: "Huh? Huh? Huh?"

Christian: "You bitch in heat!"



Christian: "Um....I meant goofball."

So parents, every time you think your children aren't listening while you are jamming out.....you are dead wrong.


mistressofchange said...

Oooh...That's a good one. I hate to laugh...but that's some funny stuff.

I'm Just a Girl said...

Whoops! It's amazing how they filter out all words except the naughty ones. Don't turn your parent card in just yet...you're not the only one!

Jennboree said...

HA! The silence was probably deafening for Christian.

I loooooooove Paula Cole! Your husband is cool.