Monday, December 18, 2006


My dear friend "The Analyzer" over at wrote a blog a while back about two llamas and a bull that her family always sees on their drive out to Way Down In Mayberry. Her kids were always amazed that the llamas never moved and it was a big joke every time they drove by if they could see the llamas move.

In the end, her children SAW the llamas move (in the groove, I must say) on top of the other.

Well Ms. Analyzer, today I have one-upped you. I drove by the two llamas and the bull and one of the llamas was doing his/her groove on top of the bull!

No bull.

Izzy exclaimed, "Look Mama! The llama wants to play with the bull but he's just tired and sleeping."

Just when you think you have seen everything...........


Jennboree said...

HAHAHAHA..OMG..that is so funny!

Hey, bulls need love too.

The Analyzer said...

Oh my god!! I saw that a few days ago and was going to blog about it! I was sad that I was the only one in the car and had no one to talk to about it; but now we can laugh about it together.