Thursday, December 21, 2006


Bubby walked in the bedroom one evening and said, "That's a picture." My bedside table loaded with books that I must read, my inhaler and of course a large goblet of wine. Happy Love Thursday!
What's on your bedside table?


I'm Just a Girl said...

Mine is rather simple...a clock, a lamp and two framed photos of The Boy.

Spouse's nightstand, by comparison, is practically swallowed whole by a scad of papers and receipts. His nightstand drawer has overflowed with books he said he would read and never did, plus the remainder of the world's paper the overflow has found a home on the top of the nightstand.

It's so lovely...

Soozieq said...

My goodness, when did you sneak in my house?!? The inhaler - check. The undread books - check. The vino - check.

How scary ;-)

Shoshana said...

I am doing away my side table. My kids use it to launch themselves everytime they're in my room.

My TBR pile is too huge to be in my room...I'd have to sleep in the yard if I put them here.


I've been wanting to read Empire Falls...please let me know if it's good.

tallulah said...

I did not ejoy Empire Falls but many people I know have liked it. Don't rely on my view though....I tend to be fairly picky about my reads!