Friday, December 15, 2006


Occasionally I will post a goofy picture of myself. It's kind of fun to post a picture that the whole world can access. Who knows....maybe someday I'll be discovered! (um...yeh....everyone is looking for that average-stay-at-home-mom-look)

But I must say, when children are little, they idolize two people....their first grade teacher and their Mom. And really, is there another reason to have kids?

The following occurred this morning (okay...I'm lying. It was about 11:30 before I took a shower and really, it's a good day when I get in the shower at all.)

Me....naked in front of mirror waiting for water to get hot. I feel something on my bottom. I turn around and see a small person with one thumb in his mouth and the other hand patting my ass.

Me: "Hey Izzy! Whatcha doing?"
Izzy: "I'm rubbing your butt."
Me: "Ummm....why?"
Izzy: "Because your bum is all nice and cold and I love to rub it."
Me: "Gee...thanks. I'm going to get in the shower now."
Izzy: "Mom? You have the best bottom in the whole wide world. I wish I could always rub your butt. Does Papa like your butt? Does he like to rub your butt? I hope so because it's the very best butt."
Me: "Yes Izzy. Papa likes to rub my bottom."
Izzy: "Love you Mommy."
Me: "Love you."

That my friends, is why I have children. They always know when you need a compliment.


MomSquared said...

Ha!! That's cute! And quite a nice compliment.

I'm Just a Girl said...

They are so innocent, aren't they??? That's just about as good as hearing "I love you Mommy."

Shoshana said...

That is one cute kid!

Jennboree said...

Awww...very sweet! The love our babies have for us is truly unconditional.

john said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! izzy is the cuteness!