Thursday, August 03, 2006


I need a vacation from our vacation. Everything was not memorable. However, here are some pictures of some of the good stuff!

Christian and I being "city slickers". This was our first time on horses!

Leroy cracking at a pinata.

Playing strip-poker. Izzy obviously lost.


Bubby and Christian (with our dog Mistie) fishing in the wee hours of the morning.

Izzy picking up chicks as usual.

We all sat around trying to relax and look beautiful. Tori won this contest hands down.


MomSquared said...

Ah that looks like so much fun.

Why didn't you take me?!

Jennboree said...

Love the fishing pic. What wasn't memorable? Pictures can be deceiving? :)

the analyzer said...

looks like a good vaca to me. i sliced off the pad of my finger the day after i got to seattle, so my time here has been very restful! making me think i should hurt myself more often!!!!! oh. i got you a present too. stop by on monday.