Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Bubby took this picture last week of a Raccoon that has been visiting our backyard. It was shy, but allowed Bubby to walk outside and take pictures of it.

Raccoons aren't very common Way Down In Mayberry so they are quite a treat to see.

When we returned home from our vacation, the Raccoon had consumed 40lbs each of dog food and cat food that had been left in the backyard. We somehow thought that we had one very large Raccoon with a stomachache or the Raccoon brought friends.

Bubby woke the whole family up last night. We witnessed Mama Raccoon and her three babies. How sweet it was to watch them climb our trees, eat food, wash their hands in the water. Mama even scanned the grass with her paws for grubs and worms. They weren't frightened of us, just cautious.

It was a treat to see them. I'll post pictures of the babies the next time I catch them on the camera.


Jennboree said...

Raccoons are cute but mean as hell. Throw some shiny objects out there and they'll be mesmerized for your enjoyment!

I'm Just a Girl said...

They are cute but beware that now they know where to come for food! Raccoons used to dump our garbage cans over too, and scavenge. Just a warning! LOL