Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Izzy is a surly child. He has the balls of a man with too much testosterone. Izzy gives me gray hairs.

When Izzy was born, I prayed to God, Goddess, Buddha and Allah "please make this an easy child." I had four children already, one a defiant and time-consuming teenager and three under the age of seven. I could not handle anymore. I was already pushed to my limits.

The Universe has a strange way of showing you how much you can handle.

Izzy was colicky for the first three months. He screamed for hours on end. Izzy never slept. He nursed every 2 hours around the clock until he was 11 months old. I spent a majority of Izzy's babyhood crying. I wanted sleep. I wanted peace. I wanted a fucking Valium. I vowed never to have another baby and promptly asked Bubby to be snipped.

Now that Izzy is three, things aren't improving. He's demanding, sweet, lovable, aggressive and has a ear-piercing scream that can shatter glass (saved appropriately for occasions demanding quiet like weddings or other key events). Some days, the only phrase racing through my mind is:

"May the power of Christ compel you." over and over and over............

If you have seen "The Exorcist", no splainin needed.

This perplexes me. Izzy was supposed to get my side of the families genes when it came to demeanor. My family is all happy happy joy joy. Sure, we are all in denial but we laugh, get along, tell jokes, play games and are all kissy kissy huggy huggy. Life is good.

Bubby's side of the family is not that way. (Think Mafia) No one kisses or hugs, boundaries are set in stone, grudges are held until the person dies, and then his family will spit on their graves. I've been hearing about all of the wrongs committed against his family for over a decade. That said, I still love his family. They are just the total opposite of mine.

Izzy inherited Bubby's side of the family on personality.

I saw this 60 minutes type show on television years ago. These researchers studied children at birth and their personalities and then continued studying them until they were much older children. They were trying to prove that you were either born a happy person or not. The babies that were calm and happy, ended up being calm and happy older children. The babies that were crying a lot and difficult, ended up having much more difficulties as they matured.

If these researchers are correct, I'm buying a case of rosaries.......I'm in for a loooooonnnnnngg ride!


Jennboree said...

So, to put it delicately, Izzy is "intense"?

There has to be ways to help him deal with that. I think babies are born with somewhat of a personality, but how they are raised can make quite a difference too.

My brother was born pretty angry. He'll be super sweet, then out of nowhere, he gives you a verbal slap that makes your chin hit the floor. But deep inside, I know he struggles with it.

He's MUCH better now (he's 24) and my sister and I have made it our mission to help him see the world as not so black and white. To not always see negative and that everyone is NOT always out to get him. Honestly, he does not even see it when he hurts someone's feelings. I don't think he's intentionally insensitive, he just needs to be taught sensitivity whereas most of us already have that ability.

Every kid is different. I pray my new baby isn't a demon child!

Anonymous said...

Izzy is a normal 3 yr old. after 4 children and many grands, I see nothing different in Izzy that didn't manifest itself in one form or another in any of the others. Izzy is highly intelligent, doesn't mind doctors, doesn't scream when he gets shots, has no problem taking medicine, etc. He is three and has the normal temper tantrums of that age. BEEN THERE SEEN THAT.

Serendipity said...

Awww, Izzy is so cute! He sounds like my two middle boys.

I love that black tongue! I better not let DS2 and DS3 see that or they'll run straight to the watercolors to find out how to get that tongue exactly coz "it's funny" as my 2 year old says.