Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Now that school is starting next week, I have to get the kids on some sort of sleeping schedule. I really have enjoyed them staying up until midnight and sleeping in until 9 or 10am. This allows me to wake up around 8 am, drink coffee and read the paper. In. Total. Peace.

Bubby approached me yesterday and said that he really missed our times in the morning together. Would I mind if he woke me up after his 5:30am run so that we could drink coffee and read the paper together? "Sure" I said. I thought that maybe I need to start getting up earlier anyway since in about a week, my new time to get up will be 6am.

I am woken up this morning by an ice-cold hand on my back. Bubby has been running and his hands are freezing. "Wake up!" he says and then he hops in the shower.

I go downstairs to find two children, already awake and whining that they are hungry. "That's okay," I thought "at least I'll have some time with Bubby before he leaves for work."

Twenty minutes later after listening to the whining children and getting interrupted mid-sentence every 3.2 seconds while I am reading the newspaper, Bubby flies down the stairs and makes his entrance.

And exit.

"Got to go hon." (Insert smoochy here)
"I have meetings all day. My first one starts at 8."

If Bubby wakes me up tomorrow. I keeeeel him.


Jennboree said...

HAHAHAHA...that is so funny! Sorry, not so funny for you at 6am this morning, but what a great story!

I too have enjoyed Bella staying up late and sleeping late. That's gotta change, I'm just skeered to change it! I have precious few nights left of total sleep!

I'm Just a Girl said...

I sometimes wish Spouse would suggest that we have some "alone time" in the morning, but he's too quick to get out the door and beat rush hour traffic.

However I did specify to him once that the only times he were to ever wake me in the middle of the night and/or early morning was if the house was on fire, or he or The Boy had to go to the emergency room. Cranky Mommy=Cranky Family!

crazedparent said...

can i just say i'm very jealous that school starts next week for your kidlings? Jealous with a big, ol' J. And the sleep -- I've been staying up late reading just because the boys having been doing the summer sleep in thing. Only the last night I went to bed at 1 and them woke up at, gasp, 5:30...damn summer.

KaY said...

I couldn't stop laughing for 3 minutes or more ... my coworkers all looked at me like I was crazy and still, I could not stop laughing.

That was real good.