Tuesday, May 02, 2006


In years past, I have always requested alone time on Mother's Day. Time to shop by myself or see a movie. This year I am requesting an equally selfish request.

I NEED MY HOUSE CLEANED! I don't care if Bubby and the kids do it, I don't care if a cleaning company does it, I don't care how it gets done. My inguinal hernia is incredibly painful and until surgery......my house is getting more trashed by the minute.

How long can one live in a dirty house with six people and six animals? Pet hair, toys, dander, dirt, juice spills, more toys, dirty toilets and laundry everywhere. Waaaaah. Waaaaaah.

I want to move in to a hotel for a month and get massages every day and order room service and watch mindless t.v. I want to read mountains of books, go shopping and most importantly....have a merry maid come in every day and clean my room and change my sheets.


MomSquared said...

You know, if you could just have that for *one day* it would probably help a lot! I think you should tell DH that you are ditching him and all the kids and you'll be back tomorrow!

EmmaK said...

Hey you deserve it. I hope your wish comes true!