Wednesday, May 03, 2006


People associate the word lemons with good and bad things............

Lemonade- good
Car is a lemon - bad
Life giving you lemons-bad
Cleaning with lemons - good

Izzy loves lemons! Which is very interesting because you basically have to stuff food down the child. It's not that he's picky. It's just that Izzy would rather be REALLY, REALLY hungry rather than waste his time to have a snack. So many times, instead of trying to force foods down his throat or coerce the child until I am red in the face, I just wait until Izzy mentions he is hungry or thirsty. Then I's for real. Except for lemons.....oh God, the child loves lemons.

Tori on the other hand is a good eater. Tori's main focus is the beauty of others. Tori loves to pretend she owns her own Spa. Tori gives me hot rock massages and does my nails and primps my hair. Yesterday, Tori decided to put lemon juice in my hair to make it lighter. Tori's reasoning is that if my hair is light, you won't see all of the gray hairs sticking out of my head. Genuis.

So after Tori dipped her comb in lemon juice and applied the goop to my hair. Her cup still had about 1/2 cup full of straight lemon juice. I warned Izzy and Bubby to stay away from the cup because it was "icky. I headed outside in the sun for my gray hairs to miraculously go away.

Five minutes later, Izzy walked outside, climbed up our rocks into the wood chips, and proceeded to barf. Izzy then came down, grabbed my hand and showed me where he threw up. Yup. You've got it. Izzy grabbed the cup when Bubby wasn't looking and downed the entire glass of straight lemon juice (along with a few gray hairs for added flavor).

Maybe this incident will deter Izzy from lemons for awhile......but probably not.

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