Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Yesterday was one of those days...........really, where I actually took the time to look up the next flight to Puerto Rico. How bad could it be if I abandoned the family for say, 10 days? I could be home in time for my surgery with two days to spare.

Later on during the day, while ten (four of mine plus six other neighborhood kids) were running around my house like banshees, I decided that leaving my marriage and family wasn't the best of plans, but maybe just getting away to see a movie and gorging on buttered popcorn would suffice.

But then Bubby saved the day.

He walked in the door with bottles of wine and a Ghiradelli chocolate cake. He then took me and the kids out to a very nice Italian restaurant. This is where the fun began........

There is nothing that pleases me more than couples on romantic dates having to share their candle-lit dinner space with our family. We are a motley crew. The kids were well behaved, but even well behaved children make noise and knock over drinks and wear half of their food on their faces and laps. Slack-jawed couples whispering to one another that they are so grateful that when THEY have children, they will NEVER act like that just sends me into giggle fits.

Then Leroy starts in with his Asberger's stuff and I can barely control my laughter........
Leroy apparently could not stomach his Spaghetti with Meatballs. He would put the fork to his lips and then by some force unbeknownst to us all (including Leroy) could not get the food in to his mouth. Leroy sat there with mouth wide open, trembling fork (as if hitting an invisible force field) and tears streaming down his face. We told Leroy he didn't have to eat it. It was no big deal. But Leroy remembered the decadent chocolate cake waiting for him at home and knew the rule that no dinner means no dessert.
I wish I could explain the other diners looks to you while Leroy tried to eat, Izzy started his Turret's Syndrome words (shit, ass and fuck were among the few). Meanwhile, Christian and Tori started arguing over which famous painting they were coloring was "more ancient" than the others. I am giggling at this point, but at least done with my meal. I drank my entire glass of wine in one gulp and then scooped up Izzy and his obscenities, motioned for the crying child and two other arguing children and laughed all the way to the car.

We had cake when we got home and later on after the kids were in bed, I silently thanked the Universe for allowing me to have the best life. I have a wonderful husband, lovely children and a life of happiness.......when you least expect it.

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Anonymous said...

I can remember when you were the slack-jawed couple whispering that YOUR children would Never act like that! Funny how life works!!!