Monday, May 15, 2006


according to Leroy, getting younger........................

In Mr. L's 1st grade class, every year for Mother's Day, the children fill out a fill-in-the-blank type form called, "All About My Mom". It looks something like this:

MY MOM IS ___________ POUNDS. SHE HAS _________EYES AND _______ COLOR HAIR. HER FAVORITE THING TO DO IS___________. etcetera etc.

Last year, Christian said I was 400 pounds, had black eyes and blond hair and was 48 years old.

This year, Leroy says that I am 110 pounds and 36 years old. Thank God there's one realist in the family!

Here are some pictures of the artistic creations the kids made me for Mother's Day along with a BIG gift from the family. I love it!

Maybe if I ride the heck out of my new Electra...I can lose some of the weight off my 400 pound frame.


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that is such a sweet bike :)