Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Some days, one can have the best surprises!

Yesterday, while I was up to my ears in helping the kids with their after-school homework and dealing with a grumpy toddler, my good friend "The Caterer" stopped by. Here's what she had in her goody bag for me:

Country Paella
Citrusy slaw with a killer vinaigrette
Artisan bread with sea salt butter
Apple cake with a sweet, buttery icing

The Caterer has a husband, three children, manages a deli, owns a catering business, owns a meal delivery business and she and her husband own three restaurants. The woman has no time for herself and is completely selfless. For my friend to take the time to go out of her way for me and my family was so kind.

She is an inspiration to me. She makes me want to become a better person/friend. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Please tell your caterer friend that you have a poor, lonely widowed mother who never cooks. lol