Thursday, February 02, 2006


Could two children look more happy?

This is how a conversation between Izzy & I goes every morning about an hour after Izzy wakes up:

Izzy: Mom, where are the kids?
Mom: The kids are at school.
Izzy: No they're not.
Mom: Yes they are Izzy.
Izzy: The kids are in the basement.
Mom: O.K. Izzy. Go down and check if you need to.
(Izzy ventures half-way down the stairs and calls out their response.)
Izzy: But I want to play with Christian.
Mom: You can play with Christian when he gets home from school.
(Rolling around on floor, crying and general unhappiness)

After school, then Izzy has to endure more torture by waiting for Christian to finish his homework. Izzy stomps around, knocks on the door and and tries to lure Christian out of his room to play.

When playtime finally arrives.....Izzy and Christian devise all sorts of games full of laughter and fun. This lasts for hours until dinner time. I am continually amazed at Christian's patience for his little brother and willingness to entertain him. I know as Christian gets older (in to his teens), that Izzy won't be nearly as much fun anymore. I can't imagine them enjoying one another's company as much when Christian is 16 and Izzy is 10.

But at least for now, they are building on a sibling relationship that will last well after Bubby and I are in shipped off to some nursing home in Nebraska. It's a good thing.

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Ms. Analyzer said...

You deserve so much more....demand a nursing home in Hawaii.