Thursday, February 02, 2006


I don't get guys.

Maybe it is'm a woman. But being of the female variety, I'll be damned if I can't help but try to understand what's going on in those homophobic little minds of theirs.

I am so fed up with the stoic-not going to cry-football watching-beer guzzling-baseball hat wearing-camouflaged outfits-gonna beat your ass attitude that I might just puke. All I can say is THANK GOD Bubby likes to pose for goofy pictures (Sicilian wife beater) shop, cook (not barbecue), and cry on a regular basis. Otherwise friends, I would get divorced and become a Lesbian.

What are women thinking marrying men of this type? What could they possibly find appealing with these kind of barbaric attributes?

Perfect example................
Way Down here in Mayberry, we have a local Mercantile. A place where you can buy assorted sundries, order a beer & eat a bite or two. As Izzy and I were lunching, I witnessed two men come in to the establishment with their kids they had picked up from the preschool next door. It appeared to me that they had planned at some point to have some lunch and talk while their preschoolers ate lunch and read books in the library. Not quite different from what we women do on a regular basis.
Now these two men looked like they spent a lot of time working out and flaunted their physique (which explains why they don't have jobs and are hanging out having lunch with their kids....maybe Stay-at-home-Dads....maybe financially secure). One man had sunglasses on his head (it was grey and raining out). Izzy kept asking me why the man had sunglasses on his head. I explained to Izzy (between saying sshhh and stop pointing) that the man didn't have a big enough brain to realize that the sun wasn't out today. The men proceeded to sit at the bar, and I kid you not......with four barstools in between them. They chatted like schoolgirls at recess but were as distant as two queen-size beds. They sat the children in between them and then continued to talk about skiing, cars, blah blah blah without even realizing how ridiculous they looked!

You would never see two women doing this. They would move closer to one another because of the distance and get intimate with their conversation......all the while attending to their children having lunch. These two men were practically yelling in between the empty barstools while their children were running around the restaurant like banshees.

Bubby and I observe this every time we go to a movie. Inevitably, two men enter the theatre, pick an aisle, and then sit with one or two seats in between them. They stretch their arms out over the back of the seats as if they are waiting for a date. It really is sad.

I am completely amazed at the level of homophobia in this country (or maybe even more particularly in this conservative state). How tragic that these men with their archaic ideas and their redneck attitudes are passing along these same ideals to their male children. Will it ever stop?

This upcoming Sunday is Superbowl day. Bubby does not know this nor does he care. He always has wondered why would a bunch of guys want to get together and fart and burp and yell obscenities at a t.v. screen...... when they could be home banging their wife?

Makes sense to me.

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Ms. Analyzer said...

I think there is hope for the world. I like to remember my trip to southern Europe where it was not uncommon to see two or three guys walking down the street with their arms around eachothers shoulders. See, all is not's just not here in the States.