Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I've got a lot of pet peeves. Several are even snooty. This is one of them. However, after this weekend I have rescinded this as a pet peeve. Don't worry. I'm still snooty and you will read several more snooty pet peeves in the future.

One of my all-time, get-me-wriled-up pet peeves has to do with window coverings. Yep. I admit, I have too much time on my hands. There's nothing that perplexes me more than driving in to a subdivision with fairly affluent homes and seeing sheets up on the windows. I can't imagine why someone in a half a million dollar home would stoop to putting Mickey Mouse or flower sheets to cover their windows for a little privacy. How could someone afford granite, marble and a four car garage and put a sheet up to cover their window? Even more so, why would a person think that walking around naked is more degrading than putting a sheet up for privacy? See.......I told you that I'm snooty.

So Saturday seemed like a perfect day to go window covering shopping. We have window coverings, but being of the materialistic, stuck-up sort of variety.....they just wouldn't do. I wanted new ones to fit the personality of tallulah. Bubby and I chose six windows and a sliding glass door to cover in our great room and three small windows and a sliding glass door in the office. We didn't want to buy blinds for the whole house.....just two rooms. The total came to almost $5,000! Thank goodness there was a sale and we purchased the blinds for much less........but still.

I now completely understand that whether one lives in a trailer or a mansion, one can't afford or wouldn't want to fork out the bucks for something as silly as a designer sheet for a window.

I humbly take back my pet peeve number #22. I will no longer make fun of the window covering challenged, but will look upon them with compassion.

You see. I'm learning.

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