Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I'm always making fun of Bubby and Izzy. Physically speaking, they both have very large heads. Izzy is in the 98th percentile for head size. I'm surprised the toddler doesn't just topple over from time to time. I enjoy teasing them about this little attribute as Bubby calls it. Bubby thinks that it means that they are smarter. But we all know it just means there is more room in their brains for a lot of hot air. So I call them Bobbleheads. You know, like those plastic thingie bobbers that you stick on your dash that have the enormous heads that bobble around. Izzy thinks it's funny. Bubby does not.

The other day I was calling Izzy a Bobblehead. He was laughing and dancing around. Then he turned to me and said,
"You are a Bobblebelly." And then burst into hysterics. "Ha Ha, you are very funny," I said to Izzy. It was funny the first time. After about 63 more time of calling me a Bobblebelly, I thought Izzy may have some merit to this statement.

Yesterday I'm sitting on my bed getting dressed and looked down at my stomach. Izzy was right. I do have a Bobblebelly. There is a new fold in my stomach that I SWEAR TO GOD WAS NOT THERE THE DAY BEFORE! After staring in awe at this new crease for about five minutes, I had some interesting questions come to mind:

1. Do other people not notice some parts of their body and then BANG! one day they are wondering when and how in the hell did that get there?

2. Why hasn't Bubby mentioned this new Bobblebelly fold? Was he embarrassed to look at me?

3. Why didn't Bubby start sneaking Shape Magazines in to the magazine stack as a hint?

4. Why didn't Bubby start doing sit-ups every night by the bed and nonchalantly ask me to join him?

I know it's not Bubby's responsibility. But the kicker is that I NEVER EVEN NOTICED! Do I have that little time to spend on myself? Should I expect a spouse to speak up and say something? If he did, would I ever forgive him?

Thank God it is only February. I have four months until swimsuit season. Hopefully I won't have to switch to a one-piece number. But if things don't change, this Bobblebelly of mine could be used as a flotation device in our local Way Down In Mayberry pool.


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