Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Have you ever seen the movie "Elf"? One of my all time favorites. I love Buddy because he reminds me of Bubby......very child-like (in a good way).

In the movie, Buddy the Elf likes sugar. His four food groups are:

1. Candy
2. Candy Canes
3. Candy Corn
4. Syrup

Buddy the Elf pours maple syrup all over his spaghetti and prides himself on making the dish for his family.

Bubby is the incarnation of Buddy the Elf. Bubby is child-like by nature (thank goodness because he see the good in all things). Bubby also likes syrup and can make three things in the kitchen with confidence:

1. Pancakes
2. Waffles
3. Martini's

Bubby decided that he doesn't like the Albertson's crap that I buy the kids. Bubby went to Costco and bought the ginormous size jug of Grade A maple syrup.

Now he puts it on everything........................

I wouldn't mind coughing up the extra dough for the "good" maple syrup except now Bubby has incorporated the syrup in his cooking. You see, Bubby no longer thinks that syrup is a condiment and adds it to just about everything. Take for example last week............

As you know, I have been laid up in bed with Pneumonia. Bubby had to take off from work (bless his heart) and take care of the little monsters AND cook for them. I suggested fried potatoes for the kids. I will spare you the details of this gastronomic catastrophe, except for the fact that syrup was the main ingredient. I even TRIED to eat it, but being the food snob that I am........it didn't fly.

This is one of the reasons that I married Bubby. He tries. Bubby doesn't always succeed but he always tries. I love that about him.

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