Monday, January 02, 2006


Ever since Leroy was little, he's been a big guy. He was big and chubby at two and three years of age. Then he shot up like a sunflower and now is tall and skinny. In Kindergarten, when all the children were lined up for class, you could always find Leroy. He was at least six inches taller than the rest.

Leroy is about the sweetest kid a parent could imagine having. Leroy is calm and happy and not a lot upsets him. Leory is patient and it takes a ton of prodding and teasing before his top blows. So as parents, we know if Leroy is upset at his siblings, they have been rotten to him (repeatedly) for hours if not days.

The evening before Leroy's Birthday, I told the kids they could stay up until 11pm in the basement watching a movie. Bubby was putting Izzy down for bed and I was in the shower. This left a perfect opportunity for the children to get wild and misbehave.




After getting out of the shower, I hear Izzy crying and Bubby raising his voice (I'm putting that mildly) in the basement. After Bubby appeared, this is his account of what transpired.

Tori decided to tease Leroy and not give him back some toys that were his. She would then run to her room, lock the door, and giggle wildly while Leroy tried to get in her room. After about the 50th time of doing this.............Leroy SNAPPED! Leroy proceeded to pound our solid-core door right off the hinges.

Leroy thought something was unjust and subsequently turned in to THE HULK. Great.

Bubby was so angry that he sent Leroy straight to bed and told him, "I don't want to hear a sound out of you or I am canceling your Birthday tomorrow!" Bubby in his rage, also said the word Ass. This upset Tori and Christian so much, I had to go downstairs and calm them down. They were crying big crocodile tears sobbing, "Papa said the A word!" After talking and laughing later about it, Bubby said he should of thought of at the time to add......."And Leroy, if I cancel your Birthday tomorrow, you will wake up and STILL be six!"

Needless to say, Leroy was as quiet as a mouse. The perpetrator Tori has a problem now too. She has to keep her door open until it gets fixed. No privacy from her annoying little brothers. After that fiasco, I bet she will think twice before messing with THE HULK!

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