Saturday, January 14, 2006


Really. I can't. And if you knew tallulah, you would understand what a terrible predicament I have placed myself in.

I am a woman of order. Things don't necessarily have to be organized, but when I walk in my door, I want general cleanliness and things picked up. It allows me to be calm and pleasant to my husband and children. My family has seen head spinning and green vomit spewing on more than one occasion. It is not pretty. They pray every night to a god who is imaginary in their minds, but still no less.........a god, to please not have their Mommy scare them today. Bubby already knows I'm possessed by the orderly demon....he just hopes I have medicated the demon enough with alcohol, horse tranquilizers......whatever so he can be spared as a witness to the demonic spirit.

My house has literally been turned upside down.......all in the name of order. I have been organizing and re-organizing, moving bedrooms, purchasing organizing items and having Bubby hang countless picture frames. My sweet, sweet sister-in-law surprised me with a new set of salad plates, plates, bowls and cups for 16! I have 20 boxes and their packaging contents strewn throughout the house, toys and DVD cases everywhere and here I am blogging while Izzy is napping.

So it's one 0 clock in the afternoon on a Saturday and I'm thinking of breaking out the Chardonnay early. Otherwise, my head may pop off. It will all get finished.............eventually. I started exactly a week ago today and the only room that is together is the new playroom for Izzy. I figure in maybe another 3-4 weeks of hellish living, that maybe life at the All house will return to order.

In the meantime............that's a lot of drinking.

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Anonymous said...

I'm purging closets; and since I don't drink, have one for me