Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Things I will not do to save a buck:

1. Clip coupons.
2. Get up early in the morning and stand in line for a sale.
3. Sift through hours worth of flyers on the weekend to save $2.00 on a pair of jeans.
4. Shop at Walmart.
5. Travel an absurd amount of distance.
6. Sign up for promotions and spend more money to save money.

This pretty much guarantees that I will pay premium prices for groceries and other items.

Well I did a very odd thing............I took a trip to Winco. So many friends of mine shop there, I just couldn't understand what the big deal was. They say prices are better.

I was pleasantly surprised! Prices were significantly better and I relished in the thought that I was buying high quality grocery items and saving money at the same time. Was that possible?

Then it was checkout time. After standing in line FOREVER........I started to bag my own groceries. My Mantra was, "Don't get stressed out. Take your time bagging and do it right. Others will patiently wait." Despite my Mantra, others (including the checker) were not patient. The stares and dirty looks I received while bagging was enough to make me smirk, and at times.....laugh out loud. I became amused and was actually enjoying the fact I had NO IDEA how to bag my groceries. The bread ended up on the bottom with cans on top. I bagged most of the items in the paper bags and didn't have enough room to stack them in my cart. I would bag and re-bag if I thought that I did it wrong. I'm sure all around me were thinking I was some sort of freak. It was good fun.

When I arrived with my cart in the parking lot, it was pouring rain. My paper bags got soaked with water. By the time I started loading them in the car, they were ripping and items were falling out on to the pavement.

Home delivery that I order online from Winco's competition is looking better and better every day.

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