Friday, December 30, 2005


I feel sorry for people that are born on Christmas or any other Holiday. Their Birthday gets overshadowed by the hoopla of the Holiday. Their Birthday probably doesn't feel special.

Leroy was born on New Years Eve. When he is an adult, it might be really fun to have a special day on New Years Eve. One more reason to PAR-TAY! But for now....poor Leroy.

Everyone always forgets his Birthday (including me) until the day before or the day of his Birthday. It goes something like this......

Me: Hey, what are we going to do for New Years Eve this year?

Bubby: I don't know. What do you want to do?

Me: I would like to dress up and go out on the town. We can go to a fancy restaurant and go dancing and we could drink martinis and take a cab home.

Bubby: Can we find a baby-sitter?

Me: Oh. Sure........I'm sure Blah Blah is available to babys..............................oh shit!

Bubby: What?

Me: It's Leroy's Birthday.

Bubby: Oh. That's right!

Me: So........what do you want to do for Leroy's Birthday?

Next year, when I'm not sick with Pneumonia and actually have time to plan.....I will create a special Birthday for Leroy. It will include a sleep-over with some of his friends. That way, everyone wins. Leroy can actually have a party that involves his friends instead of his boring parents and as a bonus, his friends parents get a free ticket to party the night away knowing their child is having a blast at the All house.

This year is bowling with Mom, Dad and siblings. Cake and ice-cream. Sigh.........there's always next year.

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